Oh Dark Thirty 🌙

For a long time, I hated running in the dark. I was worried I’d get chased by a dog, hit by a car, trip or fall, and it’s disorienting not being able to clearly see where I’m going. Once again through the process of time, running continues to change me.

As the seasons shift and the nights are getting warmer, I find myself transitioning to earlier morning runs. When my days are busy; filled with family needs and work responsibilities, my time becomes limited and flexibility a necessity.

My options are go without sleep, or go without a run. If you ask my family, I’m much more pleasant when I skip sleep instead of a run. Ironically, all my dark running fears have actually already occurred when I’ve been out for a run in broad daylight.

Early morning runs are quite and peaceful with only the birds and a few stray runners or cars joining my escapades.

Fear has the ability to hold us back or provide opportunity for change. The dawn 🌄 is just as beautiful as the sunset 🌅 it’s simply a change in perspective.

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