My Friend Johnny

Somedays it feels like I just can’t win. I exercise regularly, lift weights, get enough sleep, only drink water and eat clean. Despite all my efforts, some days it just doesn’t matter. Today I had 3 different bathroom stops during my run. What gives?

I eat super “clean,” no alcohol, refined grains or carbs; no cereal, pasta, crackers and only occasionally rice and quinoa. No dairy, and sweets only once in a while- honey and dark chocolate (70% cocoa or higher).

Once in a great- great while (special occasions) I eat chocolate covered strawberries, but only if there’s no race the following week. Most days I do well, but today there was no reason for my body to misbehave. My schedule required me to be up at 5:00 am for my run and I didn’t have time to stop 3 separate times for the bathroom.

Somedays I wonder what it feels like to eat whatever you want AND be active, to “run and not be weary and to walk and not faint.” Many athletes can eat anything they want while training and take in food during a full or half marathon. No gu’s, gels, stingers, cliff blocks, baby food, cytomax or soda for me. If I take in any of that, I’ve learned through experience that I’m guaranteed nausea, gastric distress and puking.

I guess my point on this soapbox is- if you can eat and do whatever you want, please take care of your body, because one day things might change. You only get one body and it has to last your entire life!

Most of us don’t adequately appreciate something until we’ve learned to sacrifice it. I’ve been dealing with this crap (pun intended) Crohn’s disease for the last 21 years and there’s no cure. Please don’t waste what you’ve been given. If you have your health, you truly have everything. #rantover

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