“Plan for Everything Control Nothing…”

Deena Kastor (2004 US Olympic Marathon Bronze Medalist) 🇺🇸🥉

Today I was out early as the weather is finally really warming up. If I wait too long to head out for a long run, the heat reminds me of how costly sleeping in can be. Today’s workout focused on a negative 10k split.

Normally I run 6 days a week as training for a half-marathon or longer distance. When race day arrives, I feel excited and ready to go. 😀 Race day can be tricky because ultimately there’s things I can’t control despite my training, preparation and experience.

Last Saturday I woke up to warm overnight temperatures in Vegas. ☀️ At sunrise 🌅 (just before 6) the temperature was in the upper 60’s and rising. Running causes the body to generate heat; so the warmer the outside temp, and the faster you run, the harder your body has to work to stay cool.

The last few miles of the race I started to feel warm. I knew I’d finish, but my thoughts turned to those still running behind me, especially the marathoners. 😬

As the race progressed, the runners came in looking more and more depleted and haggard. 🤢 Several friends dropped out, earning a DNF (did not finish) and were understandably crushed. 😓

Sometimes despite months of training, things happen beyond our ability to control. As a long distance athlete, it’s important to run the race you’re currently in according to present circumstances. Flexibility is important and might mean you run slower, take a walking break, ask for help, or even drop out.

Just like life, we all have good runs and bad races. The variety is a great way to learn and enhances our overall journey. Happy Running 🏃🏻‍♀️😁

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