The Good-old Days 🚣🏻‍♂️

Do you remember what you were you doing 23 years ago? I was a single college student trying to figure out life, and on the women’s rowing team at Wichita State University.

While I’m still trying to figure out life and have gained a hubby and 5 kids, rowing has once again come front and center in my life.

Until my body has completely recovered from its current bout with runners knee, I’m maintaining fitness by cross-training. I’ve been swimming (which I love) biking (boring indoors but best to avoid hammering/mashing gears) and rowing.

It’s been 8 days since my last run (yes-I’m experiencing a little withdrawal) 😜 and I have rediscovered my love of rowing. In college we used to hop on the rowing machine (technically called an ergometer) for a minimum of an hour a day when we weren’t outside on the water. Our coach set parameters for our stroke rate and our 500 meter split time that we had to hit and it was hard work!

While I don’t really enjoy being injured and not able to run, I am grateful for the opportunity to mix things up.

It’s really too bad Utah doesn’t have a rowing team, it would be fun to try my hand at it again.

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