Time Trial- Fitness Test

It’s 16 days out from the Boston Marathon… and I’m cautiously optimistic! 😁💙💛🦄

Today’s half marathon was a time trial to see what my marathon pace would feel like on a rolling hill course, which is exactly what the Boston Marathon is.

Racing conditions were actually perfect… sunny, cool and hardly any wind. On any race day, the weather is a crapshoot, 🤷🏻‍♀️ so it’s ideal to prepare for what you can and roll with the rest.

However, what can be controlled is where you choose to do your training runs. Today I finally felt some benefit from all my winter hill training.

As I approached each hill, mentally I knew I could run up them because I know what uphill running feels like… on fresh, legs, tired legs, snowy legs, and crazy windy legs too.

There’s a mental power that comes from choosing to do hard things that has very little to do with natural talent.

2nd place age group-win

Lots of love and a huge shoutout to my Coach Paul Hafen and running buddy Rachel Moody who have helped me prepare well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🤞

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