Happy Thanksgiving! It’s been a little over 6 months since I ran my second Boston Marathon. After my first trip back east in 2019 to run the most iconic marathon in history didn’t go so well, (I actually dehydrated out and barely finished)

In the med tent post race 2019

I wanted to go back again and simply experience all the Boston Marathon had to offer. No time goals or pressure, no family with me to care for, just pure enjoyment with all the other runners at the oldest marathon party in the world.

2022 was a special year for the Boston Marathon; it marked 50 years since women were officially registered and allowed to compete. Kathrine Switzer had already officially completed the marathon wearing bib 261 back in 1967 despite race director Jock Semple’s efforts to forcefully take her bib and physically remove her off the course during the race. Apparently 50 years ago, there were widely held notions that women were incapable of running a marathon and IF a woman ran a marathon, it would damage her health and ability to have children.

Being present in Boston as several of the pioneers in women’s running returned was an honor. Val Rogosheske, one of the “elite eight” who first officially ran back in 1972, completed the race again, this time at the age of 75. I’m grateful for the courage of these women, as running as changed my life in too many positive ways to count.

The eight Massachusetts communities the Boston Marathon race course winds though, are phenomenal! Spectators line the streets so deep, there’s constant cheering and encouragement. That’s no small feat for 26.2 miles. The thousands of volunteers that provide anything and everything a runner might need on the course make up for all the long days and hours spent training, to hit your time goal, to even qualify for the opportunity to wear a Boston Marathon bib.

Amy’s Boston Marathon 2022

For any runner wondering if all the hard work to get to Boston is worth it, I hope this video, in a some small way, answers that question for you! Thank you Boston- you are my favorite! 💙💛

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