Feeling SAD

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another…” William James

Cold, snow, early darkness and too much time indoors always makes me SAD. 😐 Seasonal Affective Disorder hits me every year when the temps drop and weather turns sour. While 4-seasons are beautiful, I struggle to stay emotionally well as winter days drag on.

Three years ago instead of hibernating all winter and running on the treadmill, I opted to do something about my seasonal depression and set a goal to start running outside and even signed up for a winter race.

I still hate the cold, but even slipping around on snowy trails with other like-minded ‘sole-sisters’ really helps me cope. While I can’t change the weather, I can choose to do something about how I feel and exercise really helps. If you struggle during winter too, I invite you to move a little more as well. Set a goal, make some changes, take small baby-steps, but just move. I promise it helps. ✌️

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