Firsts and Lasts

When life gets crazy and I start to feel stressed, running often becomes therapy for me, providing the opportunity to process intense emotions.

Some days I run happy and full of gratitude; other days I run sick, tired, mad, frustrated and emotionally drained or confused. I usually run 6 days a week unless Coach Paul directs otherwise. Sad days are the worst running days because crying and running are not compatible at all.

In 4 days my family will literally change forever. My FIRST child will be leaving the “nest” as she departs the country for 18 months to do Christian service work in Singapore and Malaysia.

Called to Serve…March 2018-September 2019 LDS Mission in Singapore and Malaysia

I’m truly happy for her and the new adventures that await, but for the last 19 years, I have been a full-time mother of 5 children. It’s a little odd to think that my family will never be the same, so I find myself reminiscing and feeling a little sad.

LAST Saturday we went snowshoeing as a family. Chelsie loves the mountains and since she will be hanging out near the hot and humid equator for a while, we opted for one LAST powder play-date.

Soft enough to float on…American Fork Canyon Utah. March 2018.

Snowshoeing was our LAST major outdoor activity as a family of 7. When I start looking back and thinking about it, I’m not ready for things to change.

American Fork Canyon, Utah March 2018

As a family of 7, we hiked in and out of our FIRST slot canyon.

Bull Valley Gorge Slot Canyon- Grande Staircase- Escalante National Park- April 2015

Our FIRST family summit ever was Mount Timpanogos in Utah.

Mount Timpanogos Summit 11,752 ft Summer 2014

Our LAST Utah summit attempt was King’s peak; it included getting chased down a quarter-mile from the top due to inclement weather. That experience was another FIRST for us, to never summit a mountain we started climbing; hopefully that’s a LAST too.

King’s Peak- Unita Mountains- Utah, August 2017 So close to the 13,527 ft summit

As a family of 7, we climbed our FIRST peak in Colorado.

The rooftop of the Rockies, Mount Elbert Colorado- 14,439 ft, August 2015

As a family of 7, we climbed our FIRST peak in Nevada.

Sky-high on the 13,063 ft Wheeler Peak Summit- Nevada. July 2015

As a family of 7, we back-packed 21 miles to climb our FIRST peak in California.

Highest Peak in the continental US- Mount Whitney, 14,505 ft. July 2016

Chelsie has always led our hikes. Our FIRST born, always up front, watching out for her siblings, carving the trail and setting the hiking pace. The LAST one to complain, the FIRST child to make everyone feel happy and appreciated. The time that once seemed so far away has finally come.

It’s been an amazing 19 years!

Henry Ward Beecher once wrote, “There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots…the other, wings.”


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