When In Doubt Just Ask

Today while rowing, I had some one ask me about my rowing form. He’d been sitting next to me for about 15 minutes when he finished his workout and questioned me about why I lean back while rowing.

I mentioned that my college rowing coach drilled us over and over about proper form and technique so now it was just a habit.

Most folks sit down on the ergometer slide and pull with back and forth with their arms, not really doing much with their legs and subsequently the rest of their body. I pointed out that rowing is sport that draws its speed from technique and its power from the legs.

I mentioned that without fully engaging your legs, you’re losing your power in your stroke and the exercise isn’t a full body workout. I worked with him a few minutes and he commented on how different it felt to drive with the legs, engage the core and back and then follow through the recovery with the arms.

I’m grateful this random stranger asked me a few questions, and sorry I forgot to get his name. Sometimes the internet isn’t the best way to get answers to questions. Often a few minutes working with someone can answer more than anything Google has to say.

While I’m certainly not an expert, I can still hear my coaches voice in my head saying, “drive, finish, recover…” over and over.

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