Wednesday PSA

Having a gym membership means individuals need to be aware of their neighbors and practice proper gym etiquette.

Today while swimming laps, a fellow gym member decided to dive right into my lane as I was nearing the wall, scaring me half to death. Barely missing me, I couldn’t understand how he didn’t see me.

To make things even more entertaining, he immediately attempted to swim 50 meters down the center of the lane that we were now “sharing.”

Just incase no one’s ever told you, there’s no diving permitted in a 5ft gym lap pool and if you would like to swim, it’s always best to ask someone to share a lane vs. diving right in on top of whomever’s already swimming.

Ideally you should wait until the swimmer actually reaches the wall and you have their full attention.

Thankfully I didn’t drown and after some initial choking and hacking, lived to provide today’s service announcement. Personally, on days like today- I really miss running. #morons #runningfast #daytwo

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