Squaw Peak- Provo, Utah

A beautiful little hike that starts at Rock Canyon Trail Head. The trail starts with some gravel and shale rock and eventually moves into softer dirt.

There are 5 bridges along the trail and restrooms at the parking lot. The hike is popular so go early to avoid crowds. The trail is a steady incline with a few steeper parts. We saw several dogs on the hike.

The summit features a lovely American flag that some kind soul took the time to hike up and mount. There’s lovely views of all of Utah county. Not too bad for an out and back hike of about 8 miles to a short 7,877 ft summit. I’ll definitely do this hike again, this time with my kids.

A shout out to a running buddy and friend Heather for conquering her fear of heights and also dealing with hiking in Smokey air and asthma. Utah is amazing.

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