Sunshine in my Soul 🌞

Sorry folks, I promise I’m not trying to be a broken record, but today was a glorious day that my body, mind and spirit truly needed. 💗

Summit views- beautiful Utah

Today I had the pleasure of working hard and joining a kindred spirit as we ran our way up and down Emigration Canyon in Salt Lake City…in the sun! 😎

Meridith and I are close in age and stages in life. While I deal with auto-immune diseases and other health challenges, Meridith has survived stage 3 cancer. She has qualified for the Boston Marathon twice but has not had enough of a time cushion (15 seconds short for 2019) to earn her trip back East. 😩

Go Meridith go!

She’s training for an April marathon and BQ time too, so on the long runs it’s a blessing to be able to run together.

Summit smiles

Meridith has gentle personality, but a strong warrior spirit. Kind and loyal with a tendency to be a little too hard on herself; I often find myself reflecting on her tenacity and courage and the many life lessons I’ve learned from her. What a gift to share our sunshine run together and learn from her today.

4ft of snow is perfect to hold your phone for pictures

Winter can be harsh and cold, but the hope and beauty of spring and the renewal it brings, fills my soul with joy and gratitude.💗

So it is with life. The darkness can hold us sometimes, but it is because we chose to walk toward and embrace the light, that we begin to comprehend what a gift the shadows have actually been.

All done, always an empowering feeling

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