Wanna-be Wednesday 🏃🏻‍♀️

#speedwork #intervaltraining #hiit #runningcommunity #trackandfield #binghamhighschool #lonepeak

I wasn’t sure what I’d find when I went to the track after work today. Sometimes my local high school track has the team running workouts the last period of the day. I hate mooching off their time and space but sometimes I don’t have a choice. I’m teaching very early this week (6:30am) so a track workout at 4am when it’s 25° and dark, plus trying to get cleaned up and where I need to be on time isn’t ideal. Bottom line, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get my #speedwork in today. Thankfully, I finished my last set as the students were walking up. I met some very nice sprinters and pole vaulters from Bingham high school. They got a kick out of watching an old lady #mother run. Maybe one day I can run as fast a them. In the meantime, I’m happy being a “wanna-be.” 🤣

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